Interactive story for iOS about love and struggle with the daily routine.
Work, home, repeat. This cycle is familiar to almost every modern person.

Routine makes our life joyless. Everyday is the same.
Is there a way out? What can a human do
about it?

The story begins in a man's room. You'll have to live a few days of his life to get some answers.

The story has no words. You'll
understand it through art, music
and interaction.

Gameplay here serves only one purpose — to tell a story
That's why I'm trying to avoid a comparison with classic games. It mostly a linear expirience, but interactivity is very important here. Simple mechanic helps to evoke a sympathy and makes an expirience individual.

It's a very personal project for me. I quit my job about a year ago after a pretty intense period of my life. So I wanted to tell something, that really matters to me through something I'm good at. Interactive story seemed a good way to do that. Themes of the story, such as lonelyness, love, struggle with a routine haven't let me go during development process.

I don't think I figured all this stuff out but I hope someone gets interested to think about it though.

I did most of the work by myself. But at some point I realised that I need help with graphic and music. So I asked my friends Ivan and Rafael to help me and they agreed without a doubt.

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